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Car insurance claim

How to file a claim

Filing claims with insureka! is a simple 3-step process. Submit your documents, share details of the accident, and upload photos and/or videos of your vehicle and the damage. It’s that easy!To file a claim on your own, simply download insureka! from the Play Store or App Store and follow the steps. Our customer service can also help you file claims.Before you submit, make sure your documents are complete!

Just do the following steps: complete the required documents, provide a chronology of events and upload photos of your car that will be damaged. It's that easy, submitting a car insurance claim is complete

Types of Car Insurance Claims

You can make different types of claims with insureka! We accept loss claims and Third Party Liability claims. They each have their own document requirements:


Loss Claims

Owners filing total loss claims see an own risk (OR) fee of 10% of the coverage, calculated based on the amount being claimed. OR will be deducted directly from the amount paid to the insured party. Payments to customers are made a maximum of 14 working days after the documents are complete.

Claim Third Party Liability (CPL)

You can file your TPL car insurance claims in a number of categories. These include Damage to Property or Car Damage, as well as Medical Expenses, Bodily Injury, and/or Death.

Broken car

Claims for damage to property or car

Own risk (OR) of Rp. 300.000 per event is given if CASCO is included in the claim submission. OR for TPL is not if CASCO is not included during the claims process. The limit will be adjusted based on the remainder of the funds from the previous car insurance claim.


Claims for loss incurred by medical expenses and/or bodily injury

The fee of this car insurance claim is given the same limit as the policy. For accidents with other vehicles, you must include the other driver's documents and photos of the damage to your vehicle.For car accident insurance claims for injuries, medical treatment, and/or death, you must include a KTP, Family Card (Kartu Keluarga), and stamped hospital receipts. Losses will be reimbursed.

How to Claim All Risk Car Insurance

All Risk car insurance is based on Third Party Liability (TPL) and Loss status. The requirements for these claims are as follows.

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Loss Claims

The insured party should upload their claim on the insureka! mobile app. Our Customer Service (CS) will forward the claim to Asuransi Rama via internal email. Asuransi Rama will contact the insured party to verify that the requirements have been met and the claim is valid.

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Claims for Damage to Property or Car Damage

The car insurance claim procedure is roughtly the same, starting with uploading a claim via the insureka! App. Submission of the claim is then forwarded to Asuransi Rama. The process can be faster if documents related to CASCO and Third Party Liability (TPL) are complete.

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Loss Claims for Medical Expenses, Bodily Injury, and or Death

The process for filing this claim is almost the same as claims for Vehicle Damage or Property Damage with the addition of a few documents. These are the police report, hospital receipts with materai, and a photo of a Death Certificate caused by TPL (if such an incident occurred).

Documents for All Risk Car Insurance Claims

All Risk insurance accommodates risks related to loss and accidents. It also accommodates for claims on scratches. There are certain basic documents that must always be included when filing these claims, including a KTP, SIM, STNK, and photos of the damage to the unit.


Lost Claim Documents

Include your original STNK, BPKB, car keys, and an LKKB form. You must also include a Police Letter, Kadit Serse letter, a letter blocking the vehicle’s STNK (surat blokir), and a photocopy of the insured’s KTP and SIM.


Damage Claim Documents for Property or Damage

Documents required include the SIM, KTP, and a claim form.The cost of the claim includes the (Surat Laporan Kepolisian), video surveys and photos of the car CASCO and TPL, and the work letter procurement from the workshop/bengkel.


Loss Claim Documents for Medical Expenses, Bodily Injury, and/or Death

Please include the SIM, KTP, STNK, a claim form, and a police report. These are the police report, hospital receipts with materai, and a photo of a Death Certificate caused by TPL (if such an incident occurred). Also include photos related to the vehicle damage.

Documents for TLO Car Insurance Claims


TLO or Total Loss Only insurance claims are made for risks arising from loss or heavy damage. We consider heavy damage as being above 75% of the vehicle unit value. There are several documents that must be included, such as the original STNK, original BPKB, original contact key, and LKKB form. You should also include a Police Letter, Kadit Serse letter, a letter blocking the vehicle’s STNK (surat blokir), and photocopies of the KTP and SIM.

Things to Keep in Mind When Submitting a Car Insurance Claim

There are a number of things that must be kept in mind when filing a claim, even if a car insurance claim is scratched. How to claim all risk car insurance to TLO insurance claims must include detailed information on the policy owner, vehicle profile, to the incident. The car insurance claim procedure must also include physical evidence of the unit through photos and videos, including the special case clause.


Owner, Vehicle and Occurrence Information

Include the name of the insured, Policy Number, Address, and a Phone Number. Include the car License Plate. Include the SIM numbers of both drivers, the license expiration, location of the incident, and incident details.


Documents Attached

The terms of a car insurance claim must include several attached documents. From serious damage to scuffed car insurance claims, you must attach a photo of your KTP, photo of a driver's license, photo of vehicle registration, photo/video of vehicle damage, to closing video. Closing Video will be provided by Customer Service.

Car Insurance FAQs

insureka! always open to its customers and provide the best solutions.

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