Protect Your Car from Floods With Katastropik Flood Car Insurance

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Protect Your Car from Floods with a Catastrophic Policy

Policy for floods. The world climate is experiencing a major shift and floods in Indonesia are more common. Flood protection options are increasingly diverse and complex. The trusted brand insureka! offers a specific Catastrophe Policy. This insurance product is a solution for potential car damage caused by flooding.

Introducing for the First Time: Car Insurance specifically for Floods in Indonesia, Available Exclusively at Insureka!

The Policy catastrophe is a superior product diversification offered by the trusted brand insureka!. This Catastrophe Policy protects the vehicle from various damages triggered by floods. This natural disaster car insurance covers the engine parts to the car interior.

Already Have Car Insurance? Does not matter!

The Catastrophe Policy is a solution to address various challenges, one of which is climate change. You can purchase the Catastrophe Policy even if you already have other insurance policies, such as All Risk or Total Loss Only (TLO) because there are various protection features offered.

The Catastrophic Policy offers a variety of the best features, namely Home Survey-Pickup-Delivery, No Survey, Mobile Application for Claims, and 24 Hour Hotline. Aside from insurance against floods, you can also add on protections for Earthquake-Tsunami, SRCC (Strikes, riots, and civil commotion), Terrorism-Sabotage, and Authorized Workshops.

Get Flood Protection for Your Favorite Car from Flood Car Insurance Starting at IDR 75,000

Catastrophic Policy flood car insurance from insureka! Offers affordable premiums with a low per-month starting cost of IDR 75,000. This premium includes the best protection features of a Catastrophic Policy. If you want to expand coverage, there are additional premiums.

Protect Your Car Immediately with Catastrophe Policy. The process is ultra-fast

Like other insureka! products, the Catastrophe Policy is easy and speedy. Registration and claims are equally fast, and don’t require lengthy in-person surveys.

Why Do You Need Flood Car Insurance?

Catastrophe Policy is a very vital insurance. This is because climate conditions are currently experiencing major changes. The emergence of extreme weather and an increase in earth's temperature can cause high rainfall, leading to flooding.

Cars that are submerged for even a short amount of time in flood water can be seriously damaged, from the engine to the interior. With a Catastrophe Policy, you can minimize the costs of the damage to your vehicle.

What is special Flood Car Insurance?

The Catastrophe Policy from insureka! offers the best and most diverse protection. Aside from protecting against floods, you can also purchase protection related to SRCC (Strikes, riots, and civil commotion), Earthquake-Tsunami, Authorized Workshops, and Terrorism-Sabotage. These policies can come with No Survey, Flood-Storm protection, 24 Hour Hotline, Mobile App for Claims, to Home-Pick-up-Delivery Surveys.

How to File a Flood Car Insurance Claim

Just like other policies, the process of filing a Catastrophe Policy insurance claim is also very easy. Just make a claim report via the insureka! website or application, ideally within five days after the incident occurred.

To file a maximum flood insurance claim, there are several document requirements that must be met. These documents include STNK, ID card, driver's license, chronology of events, and photos of damage to the car. Please note that the claim cannot be processed if the driver's license status has expired.

Tips For Preventing Flood Damage To Your Car

Flood conditions can often be unavoidable. However, there are several steps that can be taken if floods come and submerge the car.

1. Do not turn the machine on if possible.

2. Dry the submerged parts by draining the water.

3. Immediately check the engine parts.

4. Make sure the car's electrical parts remain safe.

5. Open the car doors and windows.

6. Replace damaged car parts with new components.

7. Make a flood car insurance claim.

Why Choose Insureka for Flood Car Insurance?

insureka! has always been the community's first choice for car insurance. With a tech-enabled system, we are able to resolve every risk that arises. A wide variety of plans is available to solve every risk. Our Catastrophe Policy starts at a low premium of just IDR 75,000 per month.

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  • “The process is easy and hassle-free, competitive prices, well done!”

    Indra Kusuma Jaya


  • “This insurance is really good. The claim process is fast and according to the workshop we want. What's crazier are the many discounts”

    bulefunky smith


  • “Insurance that understands today's needs. Easy to register, easy to claim, fast processing, affordable fees, friendly and very satisfying service. good luck Insureka.”

    dini widiastuti


  • “Insurance is the best, applying is easy, just installing the application, and given a souvenir, the car has been hit by a motorbike, the claim is very easy, all you have to do is take a photo in the application, get the spk and take it to the official repair shop, the car is straight again shiny.”

    Suhanta Wijaya


  • “Buying insurance is easy, the CS is responsive, and making claims to the repair shop is also easy with a user-friendly application”

    Pri Hadiyanto


  • “It's easy to apply, and so is the claim. The admin is very helpful, and what is certain is that the price is the best among similar applications. Highly recommended!!!”

    Yoseph Ming


  • “Fast claim process. The most affordable policy price compared to other products. There is also a manufacturer's workshop where the workmanship is equivalent to the manufacturer's. Keep up the good work.”

    antonius louis



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