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Protect Your Car with Hybrid Insurance Coverage from Insureka

Hybrid car insurance is the best option to provide protection for the risks of each car unit. The product that must be applied is the Hybrid Protection insurance policy from the trusted brand insureka!. In general, this insurance is intended for private cars, both new and second hand. For second hand cars, the maximum age is 5 years.

Just Bought a New Car? Protect it with Hybrid Insurance

Car shopping at this time is the right decision. Because, there are a variety of the best promos given by car brands to their consumers. Manufacturers are currently also releasing the latest car variants with super modern technology and features. The price is affordable. For efficient performance, protection in the form of a hybrid insurance policy must be provided.

What is Hybrid Car Insurance?

Being a perfect protection system, a hybrid car insurance policy is a combination of All Risk and Total Loss Only (TLO). For All Risk, what is meant is Comprehensive Premium and Comprehensive Basic. This policy is a car protection system from various levels of damage to loss of units due to theft.

Understanding the Importance of Hybrid Car Insurance

As an education, the Hybrid Protection insurance policy must be implemented optimally. Because, risks can come at any time in various forms. Moreover, driving activities on the highway are also very vulnerable to risks. With the complete protection system it offers, a hybrid insurance policy is certainly the best option.

What is Covered under Hybrid Car Insurance

Hybrid car insurance has wide coverage. The options are included and options. This includes the Mobile Application for Claims, Theft by Drivers, Without Surveys, to the 24-Hour Hotline. The coverage options consist of 10 features. The composition includes, Flood-Storm, Earthquake-Tsunami, SRCC (Strikes, Riots, and Civil commotion), and Third Party Liability.

How Does Hybrid Car Insurance Work

The Hybrid Protection Policy has a unique work system because it is a combination of All Risk and Total Loss Only (TLO). Through its various coverage of the best features, a hybrid vehicle insurance policy effectively and thoroughly resolves every risk that arises. The risk is in the form of damage to the loss of the car unit.

Overview of Hybrid Car Insurance

Hybrid Protection Policy is the best option. Not only the protection system, this policy also offers a very competitive price. The meaning of hybrid insurance, which combines the strengths of All Risk and Total Loss Only, Hybrid Protection still has pocket-friendly prices. If registration is done at this time, a 25% discount will be given to customers.

Process for Buying Hybrid Car Insurance

To buy a hybrid car insurance policy, customers can start by accessing the website or the insureka! Application. Please fill in information regarding the car unit, type of protection, Hybrid Protection, and additional coverage. Make a payment, then select the survey option. Later electronic policies (e-Polis) will be printed in less than 24 hours.

When registering, also include several documents, as follows:

  1. Detailed information about the car, such as the model, make and year of manufacture.
  2. Upload SIM and STNK.
  3. Upload a photo of the panel from the car.

Why Choose Insureka for Hybrid Car Insurance?

Hybrid vehicle insurance policies must be accessed through the trusted brand insureka!. Because, insureka! has the best digital system based on Artificial Intelligence. The process becomes easier, faster and without surveys. The financing calculation is carried out by a system so that it is more transparent and accountable. More importantly, insureka! become a member of the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Customer Reviews

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4.9/5 Stars

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  • “The process is easy and hassle-free, competitive prices, well done!”

    Indra Kusuma Jaya


  • “This insurance is really good. The claim process is fast and according to the workshop we want. What's crazier are the many discounts”

    bulefunky smith


  • “Insurance that understands today's needs. Easy to register, easy to claim, fast processing, affordable fees, friendly and very satisfying service. good luck Insureka.”

    dini widiastuti


  • “Insurance is the best, applying is easy, just installing the application, and given a souvenir, the car has been hit by a motorbike, the claim is very easy, all you have to do is take a photo in the application, get the spk and take it to the official repair shop, the car is straight again shiny.”

    Suhanta Wijaya


  • “Buying insurance is easy, the CS is responsive, and making claims to the repair shop is also easy with a user-friendly application”

    Pri Hadiyanto


  • “It's easy to apply, and so is the claim. The admin is very helpful, and what is certain is that the price is the best among similar applications. Highly recommended!!!”

    Yoseph Ming


  • “Fast claim process. The most affordable policy price compared to other products. There is also a manufacturer's workshop where the workmanship is equivalent to the manufacturer's. Keep up the good work.”

    antonius louis



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