Add-Ons and Additional Services: Your Inclusive Car Insurance Solution

You can manage risk mitigation for your car from the start through Insureka! Products. The car insurance protection formula has been adjusted to your individual needs. The claim process is also #ClaimVery Smoothly.

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Launching Coverage and Additional Services: Your All-inclusive Car Insurance Solution

Auto insurance doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all solution. With a range of additional coverage and services, you can customize your policy to suit your unique needs and ensure comprehensive protection for your vehicle.

Additional Coverage:


Floods, including Hurricanes

Protect your vehicle from damage from floods, including hurricanes


Earthquakes, Tsunamis

Protection against natural disasters caused by Earthquakes, Tsunamis

strike 1

Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion

Protect your vehicle from damage caused by strikes, riots or other civil disturbances.

Vector (7)

Terrorism and Sabotage

In a changing world, we offer protection against losses from acts of terrorism and sabotage.

Group (4)

Third Party Obligations

Protect yourself from the financial consequences of causing damage to someone else's vehicle or property.

flood 3

Personal Accidents for Drivers

Financial protection in the event of a driver's injury or death while driving an insured vehicle

passenger 1

Personal Accident for Passengers

Financial protection in the event of an accident or death of an insured vehicle occupant

liability (1) 1

Legal Responsibilities for Passengers

Protect yourself from legal liability if the occupants in your car cause damage to other people or their property.

Additional services:

Group (5)

Replacement Car & Personal Items

If your car is under repair, we will provide a replacement car. We also cover loss or damage to personal items in the vehicle due to the insured event.

car-repair 1

Home Survey, Pickup and Delivery to Authorized Workshops

Enjoy the convenience of picking up your car for repair and driving it back to your home.

Group (5)

Roadside Emergency Assistance & 24 Hour Hotline

Our 24-hour service ensures help is only a phone call away in the event of a breakdown or emergency.

passenger 1

Mobile App for Claim & Survey-Free

Submit claims conveniently through our mobile application, without the need for surveys for certain types of claims.

favorite 1

Transport, Driver Theft & Repair Guarantee

We cover transportation costs if your car is stolen, stolen by a driver, and offer a 6-month repair warranty.

car-repair 1

New-For-Old and Wide Workshop Network

For cars up to 6 months old, we replace rather than repair after total loss. Plus, we have a network of over 490+ garages for your convenience.

Customize your car insurance with our additional coverage and services, ensuring your policy is as unique as your needs.

Who Should Choose Additional Coverage and Why

Car insurance isn't just about protecting your vehicle; it's about keeping your peace of mind. Additional coverage and services can offer extra protection, financial security, and convenience, making them a worthwhile consideration for many policyholders. But who exactly should consider this addition, and why?

Who Should Choose Additional Protection:

High-Risk Drivers: If you frequently drive in hazardous conditions, additional protections such as natural disaster protection can provide extra safety.

Frequent travelers: People who regularly travel by road or those who travel long distances may benefit from emergency roadside assistance and replacement car services.

Urban Dwellers: City dwellers, where the risk of rioting, theft, or vandalism is higher, might consider SRCC and theft by driver protection.

Family Drivers: Those who frequently drive with passengers, especially children or the elderly, may find personal accident protection for passengers very important.

Vehicle Owner Leased or Financed: If your car is leased or financed, comprehensive coverage with added benefits such as 'new for old' may be required by the lender.

Why Choose Additional Coverage:

Enhanced Coverage: Added coverage ensures that your policy protects you from specific risks that basic auto insurance may not cover.

Financial Security: With adequate coverage, you can avoid unexpected expenses due to unexpected incidents.

Legal Requirements: Some additional coverage, such as third party liability, may be legally required in certain areas.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you are well protected can offer peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your journey worry-free.

Customizable Solutions: Add-on coverage allows you to tailor your policy to your unique needs, ensuring you only pay for the protection you need.

Remember, the right auto insurance policy isn't always the cheapest—it's the one that offers the best coverage for your particular needs. So consider your driving habits, lifestyle and vehicle type when deciding on additional protection.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

Comprehensive auto insurance can be a tricky topic, and it's normal to have questions. To help you understand better, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about comprehensive coverage.

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