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Proses Cara Klaim Asuransi TLO: Apa yang Diharapkan

CLAIM Total Loss Only (TLO) version or other policies are actually the core of the customer's car insurance 'investment'. There are various types of claims that customers can submit according to the clauses stated in their car insurance policy. How to claim TLO insurance can be done if the level of damage suffered by the car is more than 75% above its current selling value or a total loss due to loss of the unit. And, the guarantee of disbursement of high claims is now provided by the trusted brand Insureka!.

The insurance industry remains highly committed to disbursing its customers' claims. Because, claims are the customer's rights as policy holders which must be fulfilled by the insurance company under certain conditions. Conditions that give rise to risks and are listed in the insurance policy clause. Referring to information from the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI), the company succeeded in fulfilling customer claims of up to IDR 20.13 trillion throughout Semester I/2023.

The number of general insurance claims during Semester I/2023 increased by 13.2%. This is because claims disbursement in the same period the previous year was around IDR 17.79 trillion. This high claim disbursement is certainly proof of the health of the general insurance system in Indonesia. This is because the potential for claim failure status is significantly reduced. This is also an indication of the healthy condition of general insurance companies in Indonesia.

The high ability to pay the TLO insurance claim method is certainly proof of the safety of 'investment' through general insurance, including car protection. Furthermore, a detailed portrait of general insurance claim disbursement slots throughout Semester I/2023 is as follows:

  1. The Motor Vehicle Insurance Business Line disbursed claims amounting to IDR 3.34 trillion.
  2. The Credit Insurance Business Line had a disbursement rate of IDR 6.13 trillion or an increase of 31.3%.
  3. The Property Insurance Business Line has the ability to disburse claims of up to IDR 3.99 trillion or an increase of 17.9%.
  4. The Health Insurance Business Line recorded a claim disbursement figure of up to IDR 3.05 trillion or an increase of 27.2%.
  5. The Liability Insurance Business Line has the ability to disburse claims of up to IDR 415 billion, an increase of 364.4% from the same period the previous year.
  6. The Suretyship Insurance Business Line disbursed insurance claims of up to IDR 296 billion, an increase of 33.8% from the same time the previous year.

Proses Cara Klaim Asuransi TLO: Apa yang Diharapkan

What is TLO Car Insurance?

TLO or Total Loss Only Insurance is a car protection system for risks involving total loss. TLO insurance provides protection for car damage due to accidents with damage of more than 75% above the current value of the car. This policy is also a solution for losing your car due to theft. In general, TLO insurance is a trusted brand product, Insureka! has the following characteristics, namely:

  1. TLO can be implemented on private cars to new to second-hand commercial units with a maximum age of 15 years.
  2. TLO Insurance offers very cheap premium prices.
  3. If registration is done now, a 25% discount will be given.

With a long lifespan, TLO insurance is ideal for cars more than 5 years old. This policy has been prepared to guarantee protection for old cars. Because, there are various economic benefits provided. The protection scenario is comprehensive with basic features including Emergency Roadside Assistance, Personal Customer Service for Submitting Your Claim, Theft by Drivers, up to a 24 Hour Hotline plus a Claims Mobile Application. Optional features that can be activated are:

  1. Riot Optional Features.
  2. Terrorism-Sabotage Optional Feature.
  3. Optional Flood-Storm Feature.
  4. Earthquake-Tsunami Optional Features.
  5. Personal Accident for Passengers.
  6. Personal Accident for Passengers.
  7. Third Party Legal Liability.
  8. Third Party Legal Liability.

Understanding the Claims Process

The car insurance claim process must be done as soon as possible because it is limited by the expiration period. Car insurance claims should ideally be made before 5 calendar days after the risk incident. The claim process is in accordance with the insurance policy clauses. Technical claims can be made via the website or the Insureka! Application. The general flow of submitting a TLO insurance claim is as follows:

  1. Report to the car insurance company.
  2. Response from the insurance company through checking the claim.
  3. Determining whether a claim is rejected or accepted.
  4. Disbursement of insurance claims submitted by customers.

To support a smooth claim process, customers must also attach several documents as requirements. Some of the main documents he attached were photocopies of his KTP, driver's license, STNK, and photos/videos of damage to his car unit. The main information that must be included in the process of submitting a car insurance claim is:

  1. Insured Name.
  2. Policy Number.
  3. Address.
  4. Phone number.
  5. Car Plate Number.
  6. Driver's SIM number.
  7. SIM Active Period.
  8. Event Date.
  9. Location of the incident.
  10. Incident Details.

Penghargaan insureka!

Step by Step Guide for How to Claim TLO Insurance

Insurance claims are the right of the customer who owns the policy. However, the disbursement process is sometimes hampered. The basic thing that is often behind this is the completeness of the supporting documents until they have expired. This is because the types of claims submitted are very diverse. For this reason, customers are once again obliged to fully understand the actual stages of the insurance claim process. The process is:

  1. Claims can be made if the risk arises of causing financial loss.
  2. Customers are required to immediately report risk incidents and claims to the insurance company.
  3. Assessment of claims by insurance companies. Apart from the assessment, the insurance company will also conduct a survey of the condition of the car.

So that TLO insurance claims run smoothly, there are several treatments that customers can apply. Apart from the speed of submission, the basic thing that must be understood is that the status of the claim submitted is stated in the policy clause. The other treatments are as follows:

  1. The insurance policy status must be active or within the grace period.
  2. Claims are made after the insurance waiting period is over.
  3. All claim requirements are validly met.
  4. Drivers must have an active driver's license.
  5. Submitting a claim does not conflict with utmost good faith.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Insurance claims are indeed the best solution when risks arise and bring various losses, especially financially. For this reason, traps that have the potential to hamper the claim disbursement process must be eliminated. One of the basic things that can be done is to prepare the best possible composition of insurance policy protection. The policy is equipped with various protection features tailored to the customer's basic needs.

Tips for Hassle-Free TLO Insurance Claims

You can make a TLO insurance claim if the damage to your car is very serious. Because, this claim can be made if the damage suffered by the car is more than 75% or the unit is lost due to theft. The claim process must also be carried out on time or it does not enter the expiration phase. The attached claim documents must be complete. Furthermore, the claim process is guaranteed to be hassle-free if the technique is carried out online, such as the Insureka! system.

Proses Cara Klaim Asuransi TLO: Apa yang Diharapkan


What does a car insurance product cover?

Car insurance covers losses from damage caused by accidents and loss of the vehicle due to theft. Cover is also provided for the legal responsibilities of third parties, towing facilities, to the extension of protection for risks caused by natural factors to human anarchy.

Apakah ada kerangka waktu tertentu untuk mengajukan klaim asuransi TLO?

Submission of claims must be made as soon as possible because the time duration is limited to only 5 calendar days after the risk incident occurs. If the application is made more than 5 calendar days, the claim will be rejected. Make sure claims are submitted in accordance with policy regulations and supported by complete required documents.

How long does it usually take to complete a TLO insurance claim?

The smoothness of the TLO insurance claim process in general is usually based on the validity of the chronology of events. The duration required to claim Total Loss can be around 2 months. Total Loss Claims are claims with losses equal to or exceeding the unit price of the insured car. These claims are divided into Constructive Total Loss and Stolen Claims.


How to claim TLO insurance is the best solution for the maximum loss presented by a risk, whether damage or loss of the unit. The claim process must be carried out quickly in less than 5 calendar days after the risk incident. When submitting a claim, there are various rules and flows that customers must understand.

Trusted brand insureka! provides a very high claim disbursement guarantee. Because disbursement of claims in accordance with regulations is part of the best service. The claim disbursement process can be done quickly.(*)