43 Unit Menu Baru GIIAS plus Asuransi Mobil, Galeri Terbaik Belanja Otomotif

asuransi mobil untuk GIIAS 2024

asuransi mobil

The latest futuristic VARIANT presented by world car manufacturers is the best menu in the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show or GIIAS 2024 gallery. The minimum number of new car variants is 43 units. The design and technology are modern, including being available in electric vehicle (EV) format. The price is affordable accompanied by various attractive economic values. Risk mitigation has been provided by the trusted brand Insureka! with #ClaimVery Smoothly. The car insurance products it offers:

  1. Police Catastrophe.
  2. Comprehensive Premium Policy.
  3. Total Loss Only (TLO) Policy.
  4. Comprehensive Basic Policy.
  5. Hybrid Protection Policy.

GIIAS Gallery can be the best automotive shopping reference this year. Because, it offers a lot of value. The menu composition is super comprehensive. There are around 43 new car variants available. The gallery also provides various accessories, car multimedia-audio, spare parts, tires, rims and suspension. The transaction process is also made easier by the presence of many financial services companies. There is also an All Risk car insurance service with the insureka product option! to various types of culinary delights.

GIIAS 2024 Series Calendar

asuransi mobil - GIIAS 2024

GIIAS is presented in a series format in four cities in Indonesia. The opening series of this event started from Ice-BSD City, Tangerang, 18-28 July 2024. The gallery set a new exhibitor record. The main participant line up consists of 55 world automotive brands. The details include 31 car brands, 20 motorbike brands, including 3 body series. Also joining 120 other event supporting industry brands. Apart from Tangerang, GIIAS 2024 is also present in the following cities:

  1. Surabaya City Gallery.

Date: 20 August to 1 September 2024.

Venue: Grand City Convex, Jl. Mayor Mustajab No.1, Ketabang, Surabaya, East Java.

  1. Bandung City Gallery.

Date: 25-29 September 2024.

Venue: Sudirman Grand Ballroom, Jl. Gen. Sudirman No.620, Dungus Cariang, Bandung, West Java.

  1. Semarang City Gallery.

Date: 23-27 October 2024.

Venue: Undip Multipurpose Building, Jl. Prof. Soedarto, Tembalang, Semarang, Central Java.

asuransi mobil

GIIAS Line Up plus Car Insurance

Confirming the record for the largest participants, fresh menus decorate the gallery which is even more attractive with the implementation of the best car insurance. This serial exhibition, which was first released in 1986, has at least 43 new car variants. Some brands have even just entered the Indonesian market. The 55 automotive brands in the gallery come from Japan, China, South Korea, Europe and even Vietnam. Several brands that are ready to launch new variants are:

  1. Chery Car Brand.
Chery - asuransi mobil

Chery cars continue to attract the Indonesian market with a variety of superior products. Continuing the hegemony, they also offer 2 new variants via Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max and Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV Flagship. Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max is one of the new menu items at GIIAS. This unit has a 2.0L Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection Engine with 250 HP power and 380 NM torque. For the Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV Flagship, it is a hybrid with a 1,500 Turbo engine plus a 3DHT electric motor. The power is 185 kW.

  1. Daihatsu Car Brand.
Daihatsu & asuransi mobil

Daihatsu also presented new energy from this exhibition gallery. They displayed several prototype units of Daihatsu cars. A reflection of how the units will be produced by this Japanese manufacturer in the future. This model is claimed to be very environmentally friendly with zero carbon emission status. Several offer options are presented through Daihatsu Me:MO, Osanpo, Uniform Truck, Vision Copen, and Uniform Cargo.

  1. Honda Car Brand.
Honda & asuransi mobil

Honda is also strengthening the market by offering the latest variants on a massive scale. There are at least 5 units with the electrification genre that are ready to be offered to the Indonesian market. Some of these Honda cars are the Honda StepWGN e:HEV, Honda Sustaina-C, and Honda e:N1. As an illustration, the Honda e:N1 has 150 kW of power with 310 Nm of torque. Then, this Japanese manufacturer also has other line ups such as the Honda 0 Series, Ye S7, Ye P7, and Ye GT Concept.

  1. Hyundai Car Brand.
Hyundai - asuransi mobil

Hyundai currently has several new unit options that can be accessed by its customers in Indonesia. Some of these units include the Hyundai N Vision 74, Hyundai All New Kona EV, as well as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N. These units are very attractive with modern technology. As an illustration, the Hyundai N Vision 74 car has a retro futuristic design. The fuel is hydrogen. The power it produces is 670 HP with a distance of 600 KM. The hydrogen charging duration is only 5 minutes.

  1. Kia Car Brand.
Kia & asuransi mobil

Presenting the best menu, Hyundai also displays several new units. The composition is the Kia EV9 New Variant, Kia Carnival HEV, Kia Seltos Facelift and Kia Sonet Facelift. Several Kia car units have a hybrid type electrification format. One of these hybrid units is the Kia Carnival HEV. This car is supported by a 1.6 Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection engine with 241.7 HP of power and 366 NM of torque. The electric motor is also capable of delivering 18 HP of power.

  1. MG Car Brand.
MG & asuransi mobil

Coming fresher, MG or Morris Garages confirms its status by presenting high-performance units. For this year's event, MG cars are offering several new menus such as the MG Cyberster. As an illustration, the MG Cyberster has an NMC battery with a 77 kWh slot. The energy output it delivers is 536 HP and 725 NM of torque. The unit's cruising range is claimed to reach 520 KM with a duration of 3.2 seconds for acceleration from 0-100 KM/hour.

  1. Mitsubishi Motors Car Brand.
Mitsubishi - asuransi mobil

Mitsubishi also presented a new nuance on the GIIAS exhibition stage this year. The units presented are the Mitsubishi All New Triton and Mitsubishi XForce ADAS. This Mitsubishi car unit is even fresher, even the Mitsubishi XForce ADAS comes with various driving safety features. The feature composition is Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Hill Start Assist, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Warning, as well as Active Stability Control.

  1. Nissan Car Brand.
Nissan - asuransi mobil

Nissan's line of electrified cars is getting longer. Through this exhibition stage, the Japanese manufacturer has prepared several units of its flagship new Nissan car. The composition includes the Nissan Serena e-Power, Nissan Sakura, Nissan X-Trail e-Power, Nissan Ariya, and the Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept. Initial impressions show that the latest generation Nissan Serena e-Power has a more spacious cabin. This car is equipped with a 1,400 CC engine, in addition to a 100 V AC electrical energy source.

  1. Suzuki Car Brand.
Suzuki - asuransi mobil

The best vision for future fashion concepts was also echoed by Suzuki. The Japanese manufacturer is ready to offer modern unit options, some of which are the Suzuki eVX Concept and Suzuki eWX. The Suzuki eVX Concept carries futuristic features such as ADAS, Automatic Dimming IRVM, 360 Degree Camera, and others. This Suzuki car is equipped with a 40 kWh and 60 kWh battery. The cruising range is 550 KM. The Suzuki eWX has a more compact design. The cruise reaches 230 KM.

  1. Toyota Car Brand.
Toyota - asuransi mobil

Toyota increases the hegemony of local automotive fans through several new units. The unit composition includes the Toyota All New Prius, Toyota GR Yaris Facelift, Gazoo Racing 300 HP, Toyota Hilux Rangga, and Toyota Corolla Cross Facelift. The Toyota All New Prius is presented in a high sporty taste. This Toyota car engine is offered in 1,800 CC and 2,000 CC versions. In hybrid format, the efficiency it offers ranges from 28.6 KM/Liter to 32.6 KM/Liter.

The quality products from the GIIAS 2024 gallery are truly impressive. You should get maximum risk mitigation through Insureka!. The product formula offered by Insureka! according to the needs. The protection it provides is very special. Offers the best affordable car insurance premium prices with reference to Financial Services Authority (OJK) regulations. insureka! also provides excellent service through digital systems.

100% New Brand Launching via GIIAS 2024

BAIC - asuransi mobil

The best colors are indeed presented by the GIIAS gallery this year. The big track is also a starting point for several world automotive brands entering the Indonesian market. There are at least 4 manufacturers with debutant status, such as BAIC, BYD, GAC Aion, and Jaeco. BAIC is ready to release several new units such as the BAIC X55 II and BAIC BJ40 Plus. BAIC X55 II has an aggressive character. The Turbo engine block is capable of delivering 185 DK of power and 305 NM of torque. Then, what about other debutants?

Also having debutant status at GIIAS 2024, BYD is preparing an electrification scenario. The format has been adapted to community needs. Unit options include BYD M6 to Denza. Denza is actually a sub-brand of this Chinese manufacturer. For the M6, the unit profile uses a blade battery with a power of 71.8 kWh. The power it produces is around 207 PS with a maximum torque of 310 NM. The acceleration duration is 8.6 seconds to reach a speed of 100 KM/hour from static. The range reaches 500 KM.

Jaecoo - asuransi mobil

The designations also become more colorful with the presence of Jaeco, which is actually a sub-brand of Chery cars. Jaeco offers the Jaecoo J7 variant. This car has an ACTECO SQRF4J16 Turbo 4-Cylinder engine series with a capacity of 1,598 CC. Power reaches 145 kW with torque of 290 NM. The GAC Aion offers an aggressive taste through the GAC Aion Hyper HT and GAC Aion Y Plus. GAC Aion Hyper HT uses an 80 kWh LFP battery. The power is 340 HP and torque is 430 NM. The acceleration takes 6.2 seconds.

Old Unit High Confidence

In the midst of the onslaught of new models equipped with All Risk car insurance, several brands still appear confident in their products that have already been launched in Indonesia. However, it has provided several innovations and touches of development. One brand that remains optimistic is Subaru. This Japanese brand presents the BRZ and Crosstek variants with various plus aspects. There is also Wuling who seems to remain confident with the progress of Wuling Biguo EV uptake in the country.

Asuransi Mobil

GIIAS Business Value Equipped with Car Insurance Connection

GIIAS is the best spot for carrying out various transactions in the Indonesian automotive industry. There are many positive aspects it offers, especially easy access to car insurance as a factor controlling driving risk. Now it's insureka! raising driving safety standards through the special Safe Drive program. Customers can save 45% up to Safe Driver Extra Cashback according to the applicable Terms and Conditions. Other advantages for customers are:

  1. Emergency Road Assistance

Support in the form of Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) with a full duration of 24 hours 7 days.

asuransi mobil ERA - GIIAS

  1. Replacement Car

Replacement Car Service for 5 days (24x5) with reference to the applicable Terms and Conditions.

  1. Transportation Allowance

Providing a transportation allowance of IDR 100 thousand/day when a damaged car is repaired in a workshop for more than 5 days.

  1. Refer Regulations

Cashback via Refer policy worth IDR 250 thousand.

  1. 24/7 Customer Service

Customer connection with insureka Customer Service! all 24 hours 7 days.

  1. Affordable Premiums and Online System

Affordable premium prices with the implementation of the lower limit policy on Premium Percentage from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). There is also a 25% discount as well as 20% cashback according to the applicable terms and conditions. Then, purchasing the policy and claiming car insurance is done online.

asuransi mobil

Apart from the benefits of risk protection tools through car insurance, GIIAS also offers various other attractive values. Customers will get comprehensive automotive product information so they can provide objective assessments. Other advantages of making car purchase transactions from the exhibition gallery are:

  1. Valuable information regarding the latest product details and prices.
  2. There are various attractive promotional offers, such as down payment and friendlier installments and various accessories.
  3. GIIAS 2024 test drive facility that customers can use to get to know this new automotive product directly.
  4. Ruang transaksi lebih murah untuk berbagai piranti mobil, seperti ban, oli, dan lainnya.
  5. One day service policy that makes the transaction process easier because it opens up access to leasing or motor vehicle financing.

The Importance of Implementing Car Insurance from the GIIAS 2024 Gallery

asuransi mobil

Activation of car insurance can be carried out simultaneously with the unit purchase transaction. The simple policy activation documents are just a KTP, SIM, Vehicle Handover Minutes (BASTK) or Vehicle Order Letter (SPK). Customers can include their STNK after it has been issued by the relevant institution. Mitigating risk factors as early as possible is important for several reasons, namely:

  1. Healthy Financial Guarantee.

Family finances are guaranteed to always be healthy with the best car insurance protection. This is because the potential for funding to increase due to the emergence of risks has been handled together with Insureka!.

  1. Calm Thinking and Focus.

Activation of All Risk car insurance guarantees peace of mind so you stay focused, especially when driving. These positive conditions also automatically reduce vulnerability to the risks of driving.

  1. Protection from Third Party Risks.

The potential for expanding risks to third parties can be controlled positively, especially since the protection coverage when making a claim car insurance also targets property and injury.

GIIAS Menawarkan Polis Asuransi Mobil Sesuai Kebutuhan

asuransi mobil - GIIAS

Various risk factor mitigation formulas have been well prepared by GIIAS through the product Insureka!. The formula has been adjusted to customer needs. The implementation can be done on private cars to commercial units. The protection coverage ranges from various grids of damage to the unit due to accidents to loss of the car due to being stolen. The car insurance policy consists of:

  1. Comprehensive Premium Policy.

Comprehensive Premium can be applied to cars with very high levels of daily use. This best car insurance policy has the strongest basic protection framework. Coverage expansion can be done by activating optional features.

  1. Comprehensive Basic Policy.

Comprehensive Premium can be applied to cars with low usage per day. The characteristics are the same as Comprehensive Premium, but the basic protection framework is simpler. The premium price is also automatically cheaper.

  1. Total Loss Only (TLO) Policy.

TLO is a way out of financing overruns caused by total risk. The real form is in the form of serious damage due to accidents and even loss of the unit. This car insurance claim is ideal for cars that are more than 5 years old. The price is very cheap with various economic values.

  1. Police Catastrophe.

This policy is a form of mitigating losses triggered by flood disasters. Protection coverage is provided from the engine to the interior zone.

  1. Hybrid Protection Policy.

Hybrid protection is ideally plotted as car rental business protection. The protection character is built from TLO and All Risk (Comprehensive Premium/Basic) car insurance. However, the basic framework remains TLO.

Asuransi Mobil

Car Insurance Premium Offers and How to Activate the Policy

Insureka premium! very pocket friendly and affordable. Determination of the premium uses the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Circular Letter Number 6/SEOJK.05/2017 through the implementation of the lower limit on the Premium Percentage. These regulations are then implemented in the automated car insurance system. Able to provide premium price information according to car profile and region quickly (premium offer in 30 seconds). The only document requirements are a driver's license, STNK and photo of the car panel. The process for purchasing a policy is:

  1. Log in via the Insureka! website or application.
  2. Click 'Get a Quote' if registration for the best car insurance is done via the website, then 'Buy Policy' for purchases from the insureka Application!
  3. Fill in car data correctly.
  4. Determine the type of policy or coverage according to needs.
  5. Confirm the method and make payment.

As additional information, the payment method for purchasing an All Risk car insurance policy can also be done independently by the customer. There are several payment methods that can be used, namely:

  1. Virtual Account: Bank Mandiri, Permata, BRI, and BNI.
  2. QRIS: BCA.
  3. Other Payment Methods: transfer via ShopeePay, GoPay, OVO and Credit Card. For credit cards, full payment is required.

Risks Overcome Quickly, insureka! #The claim is very smooth

asuransi mobil

Implementation of the insureka policy! providing a positive impact by resolving risks and financing completely in a short time. In order for the flow to run smoothly, the process of submitting a car insurance claim must be carried out before 5 calendar days after the risk arises. If the application is made after 5 days it will be rejected. The documents he prepared were KTP, STNK, SIM, chronology of events and photos of the damage to his car.

When submitting a claim car insurance, customers must pay attention to the existence of financing or Own Risk (Deductible). Own risk is paid by customers who often make insurance claims. The Own Risk value will be adjusted to the type of claim, such as:

  1. Own Risk value IDR 300 thousand/incident applies to the All Risk (Comprehensive Premium/Basic) car insurance policy. For TLO, it is calculated as 5% of the approved claim amount.
  2. Own Risk Value 10% approved claim or IDR 500 thousand/incident for flood, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, riot, terrorism and sabotage protection claims.
GIIAS - asuransi mobil terbaik


When is the ideal time to visit GIIAS and how much is the ticket price?

GIIAS 2024 has prepared the best time to visit from 18-28 July 2024. For weekdays the visiting time is 11.00-21.00 WIB, then 10.00-21.00 WIB for holidays. Weekday ticket prices are priced at IDR 50 thousand for online purchases, but IDR 75 thousand for on the spot (OTS). Holidays, the ticket price is IDR 100 thousand (online) and IDR 125 thousand (OTS).

What are the benefits of car transactions through GIIAS 2024?

  1. Get comprehensive information on products down to their price tags.
  2. Get attractive promos, starting from down payment, cheap installments, and accessories.
  3. Enjoy a direct test drive before purchasing the unit.
  4. Get cheap prices when transacting various car devices.
  5. Get access to car insurance to leasing or motor vehicle financing to purchase units on credit.

How urgent is it that new cars must also be covered by car insurance?

When buying a new car, ideally it should be accompanied by car insurance. Because, there are many benefits that accompany it. The car's status is also safe from potential financing losses due to risks that could arise at any time. Risks can arise suddenly in the form of damage due to accidents or losing the unit because it was stolen.

asuransi mobil


GIIAS is presented in a better format. The composition of GIIAS 2024 participants is a record in itself. There are 55 automotive brands that have joined. Interestingly, there are at least 43 new units that will be launched from this exhibition gallery. If you transact here, customers will get a lot of economic value. To be sure, make sure the car has been provided with an insurance protection system before sending it home. The proportional car insurance protection product is insureka!.