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SAFETY driving is the best option to avoid various potential risks even though car insurance provides protection. It's just that risk status usually comes unexpectedly even under conditions of full caution and vigilance. Because, there are various factors that can trigger risk. Apart from human factors, risks can also be triggered by physical aspects of the car unit and natural factors. However, disciplined driving must be prioritized as a preventive measure and to maintain driving safety.

Orderly traffic is the main thing for safe driving tips and reducing the level of losses due to risks. Everyone must comply, because BPS data places Indonesia as a country with a high death rate caused by accidents in the ASEAN region. From 2019 to 2021, the increase in incidents reached 103,645 cases. Prioritizing orderly traffic behavior, there are several treatments to reduce potential risks such as:

  1. Good traffic safety management.
  2. Real support and regulations from local government.
  3. Vision zero to reduce potential risks with background accidents.

Apart from implementing traffic rules, road users should also protect their car units with an insurance protection scheme. Because, there are various car insurance protection products that can be applied comprehensively. Becomes a solution to various risks that arise in the form of damage to the unit due to accidents to losing the car which triggers acts of theft. One of the recommendations for protection systems and types of car insurance is provided by the trusted brand Insureka! through the following products:

1. Comprehensive Premium Policy.

2. Hybrid Protection Policy.

3. Total Loss Only (TLO) Policy.

4. Policy Catastrophe.

5. Comprehensive Basic Policy.

Why Car Insurance Is So Important

Orderly traffic behavior for safe driving tips is a preventive measure to reduce the number of risks that appear on the road. Compiled from various sources, the risk figures in the form of accidents in the last 5 years have tended to increase. Until September 2023, the number of accidents has reached 155 thousand cases. The description of the number of accidents in Indonesia from 2020 to September 2023 is:

  1. In 2023, the number of accidents will be 155 thousand cases.
  2. In 2022, the number of accidents will be 131.5 thousand cases.
  3. In 2021, the number of accidents will be 103.6 thousand cases.
  4. In 2020, the number of accidents was 100.03 thousand cases.

Seeing the high number of risk cases on the road, treatment and prevention should be implemented. As a preventive measure to reduce losses caused by the risk of accidents, activating a car insurance policy is an ideal solution. This is because the insurance policy provides comprehensive protection for various levels of damage up to loss of the unit caused by acts of theft. The prices offered are also affordable. insureka! will give a 25% discount and 20% cashback if registration is done now.

Asuransi Mobil dan Tips Keselamatan Jalan

Types of Car Insurance

Developing to mitigate and prevent risks, there are various types of car insurance that can be applied. Moreover, insureka! provides various conveniences starting from registration and claims which are carried out online. The presence of discounts and cashback upon registration also provides maximum financing efficiency for risks of up to 45% a year. More competitive, insureka! provide clear policy implementation limits according to customer needs. The map is:

1. Comprehensive Premium Policy.

This policy is very suitable for those who have a very high driving ratio every day. Because the high driving ratio is directly proportional to the potential risk.

2. Total Loss Only (TLO) Policy.

TLO is a protection solution for second-hand and old cars. Apart from road safety tips, ideally this policy applies to cars that are more than 5 years old. Because, there are various economic efficiencies offered to the maximum.

3. Hybrid Protection Policy.

Hybrid Protection combines Comprehensive with TLO. The basic framework remains TLO. Having a unique character, this car is ideal for use by car rental customers.

4. Policy Catastrophe.

This type of car insurance is specifically a solution to the growing issue of climate change. With the uniqueness it offers, this policy is a solution to risks triggered by floods. This means that this feature is ideal for customers who live in flood-prone areas.

5. Comprehensive Basic Policy.

Comprehensive Basic is a policy that is suitable for customers who have a moderate or low level of driving. Customization is provided through the composition of included and optional protection features.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premiums

Using car insurance as a formula for protection against various risks, it is actually offered at an affordable price. The reference for determining premiums is the circular regulation of the Financial Services Authority or OJK Number 6/SEOJK.05/2017. In general, the calculation of Insurance Premium is the Premium Percentage multiplied by the Car Price per Category. The reference for Premium Percentage (PP) is as follows:

1. Category I car price IDR 125 million.

-PP Region 1: 3.82%–4.20%.

-PP Region 2: 3.26 –3.59%.

PP Region 3: 2.53%–2.78%.

2. Category II car price IDR 125 million - IDR 200 million.

-PP Region 1: 2.67%–2.94%.

-PP Region 2: 2.47%–2.72%.

-PP Region 3: 2.69%–2.96%.

3. Category III car price IDR 200 million - IDR 400 million.

-PP Region 1: 2.18%–2.40%.

-PP Region 2: 2.08%–2.29%.

-PP Region 3: 1.79%–1.97%.

4. Category IV car price IDR 400 million - IDR 800 million.

-PP Region 1: 1.20%–1.32%.

-PP Region 2: 1.20 –1.32%.

-PP Region 3: 1.14%–1.25%.

5. The price of a Category V car is more than IDR 800 million.

-PP Region 1: 1.05%–1.16%.

-PP Region 2: 1.05%–1.16%.

-PP Region 3: 1.05%–1.16%.

How to Save on Car Insurance

Insurance premiums cars are presented as green as possible. Moreover, Insureka provides a 25% discount and 20% cashback, providing a car protection financing efficiency of 45% in one year. However, customers can make savings on their financing scheme. There are several ways that can be implemented to make car insurance premiums run very efficiently and effectively. The treatment is as follows:

  1. Before buying a car, make sure the brand, model and year of activation are proportional.
  2. Raise your own risk value status.
  3. Drive according to your needs and effectively.
  4. Carry out policy exchanges and modifications.
  5. Ideally clean from negative police records.

Penghargaan insureka!

Road Safety Tips

To reduce risks and increase self-value, orderly traffic guidelines for road safety should ideally be implemented in full. However, customers can also carry out several treatments to create safe driving on the road. The tips for safe driving are as follows:

1. Memahami Pergerakan Unit Kendaraan.

1. Understand the Movement of Vehicle Units.

2. Always maintain a safe distance.

Maintaining a safe distance is the best option to reduce the risk of driving. The safe distance can be applied with a minimum margin of 3 seconds. The speed applied is 40 km per hour.

3. Be aware of the surrounding conditions.

When on the highway, drivers are obliged to ensure that the lane or lane they choose is completely safe. Drivers no longer assume the movements of other cars around them.

4. Responsive to Blind Spot Status.

Blind spots are zones where the movement of the car itself and others is difficult to monitor visually. Then, the blind spot is always owned by the car unit and its position is different. To reduce blind spots, always regularly check the conditions around the car every 5 to 8 seconds.

5. Avoid distractions while driving.

Driving activities must be carried out with full concentration. Ideally there should be no other activities that interfere and cause distraction.

Connection Between Car Insurance and Road Safety

By understanding various driving tricks, it is hoped that the potential for risks can be reduced significantly. Apart from that, people are also elaborating on car insurance. Because, various types of car insurance are the best preventive mitigation for various potential risks that arise. Both have a positive connection to provide safety and solutions to reduce losses from driving activities on the road.

Steps to Take After an Accident

Regardless of safe driving tips, accidents are a risk that must be avoided. Because the potential losses it causes are very large. Apart from financing, accidents also often result in losses in the form of fatalities and involve third parties. However, there are several steps that must be taken when the risk of an accident arises, namely:

  1. Remain calm and analyze the situation that occurred.
  2. Contact the authorities.
  3. Make documentation of car damage and surrounding conditions.
  4. Prepare a chronology of events.
  5. Immediately contact the insurance company.

Asuransi Mobil dan Tips Keselamatan Jalan


How can I save money on car insurance?

Car insurance always provides savings or financing efficiency, whatever the product used. Because, the risk often comes in the form of maximum or total loss. According to its function, the insurance company will transfer losses arising from these risks.

What are some road safety tips for drivers?

Drivers are an important key to reducing potential risks. For this reason, a driver should ideally have several positive aspects as follows:

  1. Have a positive portfolio.
  2. Have good driving knowledge.
  3. Have a high awareness of driving safety.
  4. Have good driving skills.
  5. Obey all traffic signs.

What should I do after a car accident?

After a risk incident occurs, ideally the driver is calm and makes documentation both visual and chronological of the incident. The driver also immediately reported the incident to the insurance company to make a claim. This is because the claim process must be carried out less than 5 days after the risk incident.


Driving safety and car insurance come together to reduce risks. Because risks can arise at any time. To avoid potential losses, insurance product activation can be done through the Insureka! product. Car insurance protection products that can be applied are Comprehensive Premium, Comprehensive Basic, Total Loss Only (TLO), Hybrid Protection, to Catastrophic Policies.

By activating this type of car insurance product, Insureka!, customers will get various values. Because, there is a financing efficiency of up to 45% in a year if registration is done now. Because, there is a 25% discount and 20% cashback according to the applicable terms and conditions that you can enjoy. Insureka product! It can also be applied to private cars to commercial fleets, both new and second hand units. Protection for second-hand units even extends up to 15 years.(*)