What is the Difference Between Car Insurance Vs Car Warranty?

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Car INSURANCE and warranties are actually systems that both lighten the burden when risks involve the vehicle unit. Even though they both act as insurance against potential losses arising from risks, the implementation and use of the cases are very different. Insurance provides an unlimited protection system. The car guarantee provides guarantees for risks within a limited scope and has been determined by the manufacturer.

Car Insurance: A Unlimited Form of Protection

Car insurance is a form of protection against all losses arising from risks. This is because risks can arise in the form of damage due to accidents or loss of the vehicle due to theft. Apart from the differences in insurance and guarantees, the protection system used is in accordance with customer needs. The car insurance that can be applied is the trusted brand Insureka!. The products are:

1. Comprehensive Premium Policy.

2. Comprehensive Basic Policy.

TLO Policy or Total Loss Only.

4. Hybrid Protection Policy.

5. Policy Catastrophe.


Online car insurance is a diverting factor for emerging risks. Later, any form of loss that arises will be covered by car insurance through submitting a claim on the policy. However, customers must understand the regulations regarding the claim submission process. The basic thing is that the claim is stated in the policy and the submission does not exceed the expiry time of 5 days.


Insurance covers all types of losses caused by risks. Different types of car guarantees, ranging from minor to serious damage due to accidents, to loss of the unit. Apart from vehicle objects, protection is also provided to drivers and passengers. Car insurance also resolves all disputes over risks involving third parties.



If the insurance system is activated, the customer will get a protection formula for his car for a long period of time. The time duration options that can be applied are 1 year to 5 years. The registration process can be done online via a system based on Artificial Intelligence technology. When the activation time is up, customers can extend it independently via the online system.


Insurance financing system offered by the trusted brand Insureka! very cheap. Because, insureka! provides a 25% discount and 20% cashback. This means that there is an efficiency in the financing system for risk protection of up to 45% per year. Financing becomes more efficient because of Insureka! also offers various benefits, meaning it is more attractive than a car guarantee.


Car insurance claims are a right received by customers when risks arise. This means that customers can submit claims when they are surrounded by risks. However, there are regulations that must be understood when customers submit a claim. Ideally, claims are submitted less than 5 days after the incident. Claims made are also included in the policy clauses, and are free from the exceptions that offer them.


To submit a claim is very easy via the Insureka! website or application. The main documents that must be prepared are KTP, SIM, and Chronology of Events. For special claims, several supporting documents are also included such as STNK, Keys, BPKB, and Police or Hospital Letters.

Similar to claims, registration is also provided. The registration process for car insurance is done online via the insureka! website or application. The registration flow is as follows, namely:

1. Input the required documents for STNK, driving license and complete photo of the car panel.

2. Choose a policy according to your needs.

3. Input the car unit profile completely and validly.

4. Payment Transactions.


Customers can optimize car insurance providers on an online basis, a difference between insurance and guarantees. Because, currently there are many car insurance companies that have an online base such as the trusted brand Insureka!. Customers can also get a variety of detailed and complete information regarding their products. They also have special access to interact with Customer Service. Then, the registration process for activating the protection policy can also be carried out at that time.


It is ideal for customers to activate their car insurance policy considering that risks can appear in various forms. The impact of the losses it causes is also very large. Current customers can activate the policy according to their needs. Moreover, Insureka is a trusted brand! has also prepared the best formulations through Comprehensive Premium, Comprehensive Basic, Total Loss Only (TLO), Hybrid Protection and Catastrophic Policy products.


Car Warranty: Limited Form of Protection

Motorbike accident guarantees are actually also a form of protection against potential losses arising from products purchased by customers. This guarantee is a form of guarantee from the manufacturer to its consumers. However, the warranty provides very limited coverage. Limited by strict regulations provided by the manufacturer.


Guarantees are part of the excellent service received by consumers after purchasing a product. Later, if there is a problem with the product they purchased, consumers can get a free repair or even replace it with a new product.


Despite the differences between car insurance and a warranty, the scope of coverage provided by a warranty is very limited. Because, the guarantee only covers potential problems that arise in the design or production of goods purchased by consumers. The guarantee does not cover damage to the product or its parts due to natural processes, including after use.


The warranty activation period is very short because it is determined by the product manufacturer. The duration of the guarantee is usually determined by the price of the product.


The guarantee is free because it is a product protection facility provided by the manufacturer to its consumers. However, the guarantee coverage is very limited. Warranty coverage only targets the design or production of the goods. The guarantee also does not cover risks that arise by involving third parties.


To make a warranty claim, you usually refer to long and complicated regulations. Regardless of the difference between a car warranty and car insurance, the validity of a claim under the warranty is determined by the manufacturer taking into account the chronology. If the damage that appears is not caused by internal factors, then a claim cannot be made. For example, damage that arises as a result of an accident.


To get warranty status, products usually have to undergo a routine maintenance system. For cars, the unit is serviced regularly at a designated workshop.


Warranties are usually provided by manufacturers of products purchased by consumers. The technical implementation of the guarantee is of course different from each manufacturer. For this reason, customers need to be more careful in optimizing their guarantee facilities.


A guarantee can be a guarantee against potential losses involving a car unit. It's just that you need more precision and care to make a risk claim into a guarantee. There are very strict procedures between car warranty vs insurance.



Car insurance is still needed as the main protection system. Because, the scope of protection provided by insurance is very wider than what a car guarantee is. Insurance can answer any risks that arise at any time. The guarantee is a very limited guarantee of product protection. To activate a problem that appears to be a warranty requires complex treatment.

General Questions

Why is car insurance important?

Insurance is very important because risks can arise at any time and in various forms. Insurance will cover all types of risks ranging from various levels of damage to loss of the car unit.

What is usually covered by a car warranty?

A car guarantee only covers component damage due to product errors. The guarantee does not cover any losses due to parts being damaged naturally or due to factors of use.

How long does a car warranty last?

The length of the car guarantee usually depends on the manufacturer's policy. Guarantees can also be based on time or distance traveled by a car.

Can I adjust my car insurance coverage?

Car insurance coverage can be adjusted to suit your needs. This means that those who live in disaster-prone areas can activate the Flood-Storm and Earthquake-Tsunami features.

Is a car warranty the same as accident insurance?

A car guarantee is very different from car insurance from various aspects.

How long is the car warranty?

The warranty period for a car depends on the manufacturer's regulations according to time and distance traveled.

Can I extend my car warranty?

Consumers cannot extend car warranties because it is the manufacturer's policy.

Can I get car insurance and warranty?

Car insurance and warranty are an ideal combination system for a vehicle unit.